Many different options are available for shop pick-ups.  We can be there daily, weekly, or whenever you need us there.  We provide comprehensive pick-up services; customers can rest assured that their place of business will be free from debris thus providing a safe work environment.  Plus we will pay you for your scrap!

No matter the schedule you require, we will tailor our services to meet your deadlines. Our services are available for you. We are always there to provide you with the best possible recycling opportunities and services.

If you require bin roll off for trash or storage containers, we will be more than happy to facilitate that for you as well.  

One more way Tin Man saves our customers time and money is through a refrigerant tank exchange program.  We come to your location and exchange your used cylinders for new ones. Contact our professionals, and we will show you we do it right!

To inquire about our various services, or to schedule a pick-up, contact us today and we will provide you a quote.


Call 602-389-5000 and let us show you how we will provide the best experience, guaranteed! 


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