Buy Refrigerant from Tin Man Refrigerant- Best Price GUARANTEED.

Tin Man also provides refrigerant  supply at competitive pricing.  We do the price shopping and deliver to your doorstep.   


Tin Man Industries offers multiple refrigerant programs making it easy for your company to stay on top of everything.  We will collect your recovered refrigerant and even test on site if preferred and replace your tanks with 30#, 50#, 125#, and 250#.  We sell fresh R22 as well as other gasses.  We offer reclaimed refrigerant that meets all AHRI reclamation standards. Tin Man provides certificate with reclaim seal so you can trust the purity.  We are licensed with the EPA and ready to pay top dollar for your refrigerant.  


Come visit our store located just down the road from our East Shop!

4012 E Broadway Rd #308, Phoenix, AZ 85040 

Call our refrigerant department directly at 602-437-5714