Where You Need Us - When You Need Us.

We streamline your HVAC recycling: We do jobsite pick ups meeting cranes, perform shop pick ups, delivery services, you name it.


Tin Man Recycling has developed a reputation as a safe, quality recycling company that provides excellent customer service. Our professional staff members are trained in the safe, timely removal of various types of residential and commercial HVAC equipment as well as boilers, chillers, and other equipment. 

 When our drivers arrive on site, they will take a before picture of the equipment and materials placed curbside for pick up.  They will then pack the cargo safely onto our wrapped trucks.  If there is a crane scheduled, we can coordinate with the crane driver so the unit can be placed directly onto our vehicles.  After everything is loaded into our Tin Man trucks, our drivers will sweep, rake, and use a metal roller over the work area to ensure your jobsite is cleaner and safer than before work began.  We will then take an after picture to be sent to you so know the job was done and it was done right.


Call 602-389-5000 and let us show you how we will provide the best experience, guaranteed.